Lead Product Manager - Dru

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Lead Product Manager


Sheikh Zayed City, Giza

๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ’ป Product Management
๐Ÿงช HealthTech
๐Ÿฅ Healthcare

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Remote Friendly?

๐Ÿ“ On-Site

Contract Type

๐Ÿ’ผ Full Time

Experience Level

๐Ÿ‘” Leadership

Company Size

๐Ÿคž Small (11-50)

Job Description

About Us

dru is a new and exciting venture that is powered by Almouneer, the leading digital transformation platform revolutionizing healthcare solutions for patients and doctors across the Middle East and Africa (MEA) regions.

dru is a patient-centric lifestyle and health management app, the first of its kind, built specifically to cater to the needs of individuals and patients struggling with Diabetes, Prediabetes and Obesity and in response to their day-to-day healthcare journey pains.

dru offers a multitude of features. dru helps its users keep track and continuously monitor their blood sugar and blood pressure levels, have a full and organized record of their medical records, and connect to a number of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices. In addition to the full 360-degree health visibility dru offers, users also get round-the-clock access to a dedicated medical support team available through druโ€™s in-app chat to answer all queries and to connect them with a network of providers specialized in their cases.

dru aids the prevention and management of diabetes, pre-diabetes, and obesity - and will serve millions of pre-diabetics and diabetics in MEA. The scalable platform uses cutting-edge patient and doctor-facing applications, and an extensive provider network.

About the role

We are looking for a Lead Product Manager with a genuine enthusiasm for crafting products that resonate with customers. You'll thrive in a dynamic, high-paced setting, collaborating with cross-functional teams to conceptualize, develop, and launch products aligned with the company's vision and strategy. As a Lead Product Manager, you'll be at the helm of product development and management, working closely with teams spanning engineering, design, marketing, operations, and sales to ensure the seamless execution of product strategies. In essence, you'll be instrumental in steering the success of a suite of products, driving effective strategies, fostering collaboration with cross-functional teams, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Core Duties
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive product strategy for the product portfolio, leveraging market research, customer insights, and growth opportunities.
  • Create and maintain a product roadmap, outlining development timelines and pivotal milestones for new feature releases. This involves prioritizing features based on customer feedback, market trends, and business objectives.
  • Lead a team of product managers, identifying their strengths and growth areas, and providing guidance for skill-building and professional development. You'll proactively nurture your team's careers, seeking opportunities for their advancement within the company.
  • Collaborate closely with engineering teams to define product requirements, review designs, and ensure timely delivery of high-quality products. Regular progress meetings and adjustments are key to meeting project deadlines.
  • Monitor market trends, competitive landscape, and customer feedback to identify opportunities for innovation or enhancement. Conduct market research studies, analyze user survey data, and stay abreast of industry best practices.
  • Engage with internal stakeholders, including sales, marketing, executives, and customers, to gather feedback on existing products and insights for future enhancements. Regular meetings and presentations will be crucial for communicating product updates and gathering valuable input.
  • Plan and execute successful product launches by collaborating with marketing teams to develop go-to-market strategies, create marketing collateral, conduct sales team training, and monitor post-launch performance.
  • Monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the success of product initiatives and make data-driven decisions for future improvements. Analyze sales data, customer feedback, and usage metrics to pinpoint areas for enhancement or potential new features.

About You
  • Have 6-10 years of product management experience, including leadership of cross-functional teams and simultaneous management of multiple products or projects.
  • Strong leadership abilities are essential for effectively guiding and motivating teams of product managers, engineers, designers, and other stakeholders.
  • Possess a strategic mindset to align the product roadmap with the company's overarching goals and vision. Analyze market trends, customer needs, and the competitive landscape to make informed decisions.
  • Deep understanding of the product management lifecycle, including market research, defining product requirements, feature prioritization, user testing, and successful product launches.
  • Excellent communication skills are imperative for seamless collaboration with cross-functional teams and stakeholders at all levels of the organization. Clearly articulate your vision, influence others, and present complex ideas concisely.
  • Strong analytical prowess to gather and interpret data from diverse sources such as user feedback, market research, and analytics tools. Utilize data-driven insights to make informed decisions about the product strategy.
  • A technical background or understanding of software development processes is a significant advantage
  • Proficiency in project management methodologies and tools is crucial for overseeing product timelines, budgets, and resources, ensuring successful product delivery.
  • Thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment where priorities may shift rapidly. Be adaptable and capable of pivoting strategies based on market feedback or internal changes.